Dynamic Valve

Danfoss Dynamic Valve is an innovative radiator valve with a 2-in-1 valve design. It combines a thermostatic radiator valve and a differential pressure controller for accurate temperature control and automatic hydronic balancing in a single product.

The built-in differential pressure controller eliminates pressure fluctuations in a two-pipe heating system. The pre-setting ring with 1-7+N scale is used to limit the maximum flow between 20-125 litres per hour. By using Dynamic Valve™ a perfectly controlled and automatic hydronic balanced heating system is simply established.
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Code no.




Dimension [DN]

013G7709 RA-DV RA-DV UK (Axial) 10
013G7710 RA-DV RA-DV UK (Axial) 15
013G7721 RA-DV RA-DV Angle 10
013G7722 RA-DV RA-DV Straight 10
013G7723 RA-DV RA-DV Angle 15
013G7724 RA-DV RA-DV Straight 15
013G7725 RA-DV RA-DV Angle 20
013G7726 RA-DV RA-DV Straight 20
013G7855 RA-DV dP tool delta P Tool -

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