Programmable Room Thermostats with Digital Display for Heating Applications

Easy to programme thermostats which provide different temperatures at different times of the day; ideal for Combi boiler installations.

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TP5000 Si / TP5000RF Si / TP5000M Si

- 5/2 day or 24 hour programmable thermostat
- Large easy to read LCD display
- Easy to programme and operate
- Battery powered for ease of installation
- Service interval function
- Factory set clock
- Automatic BST/GMT time change
- Hard wired and wireless models
- Many additional features

The TP5000 Si is an easy to install-and-use 5/2 day programmable room thermostat which offers up to six time and temperature changes each day with different programmes for weekdays and weekends.

Battery powered for ease of installation, the TP5000 Si has a large, easy-to-read LCD display. It is easy to programme and operate because of a built-in switching programme that the user can easily change to suit individual heating requirements. A big plus with the TP5000 Si is that it incorporates a real time clock and calendar function which eliminates the need for time-setting and BST/GMT time changes. Time and date are factory-set making time setting or adjustment unnecessary.

Conventional On/Off control is the standard setting for the TP5000 Si but advanced on/off load compensation is an installer-set option. This modulating control mode uses a cycling pattern within which boiler on/off percentages are varied to satisfy heating requirements.
on/off load compensation cycling rates of 3, 6, 9 or 12 per hour can be selected.

Service Interval function
The optional Service Interval function incorporated into the TP5000 Si helps landlords meet the boiler servicing requirements of Gas Safety Regulation 36. The unit provides audible and visual warnings from 28 days before servicing is due and ultimately reduces the heating output should the due date pass. Full heating operation can only be restored by an authorised installer.
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