- 7-day programming
- Large easy-to-read display
- Intuitive user interface with clear icons
- Easy-to-access user comfort buttons
- Fast installation with familiar wiring
- Quick start setup wizard
- On/off load compensation
- Boiler service timer
- Frost protection
- Standard, delayed or optimised start-up

The TPOne programmable room thermostat makes intelligent heating control easy. Packed with practical and easy-to-use innovations, the TPOne is ideal for use in almost any domestic heating control application.

Easy to install and use, the TPone offers versatile and simple 7-day programming. Four dedicated comfort buttons enable the home owner to temporarily change the programmed schedule should their needs change at short notice.

The TPOne has a large, easy-to-read screen and uses clear icons and intuitive setup menus.

Familiar wiring ensures installation is easy, quick and accurate.

TPOne-B EU Declaration of Conformity Literature Certificates English (United States) VCHSK102 28/10/2016 152 KB
ErP Classifications Literature Data sheet English (United States) VDHSF302 12/09/2018 213 KB
TPOne Series - Programmable Room Thermostat Literature Data sheet English (United States) VDHSG102 11/05/2016 498 KB
Modern heating technology for housing associations Literature Handbook English (United Kingdom) VGLMA212 22/02/2017 12.0 MB
TPOne-B Installation Guide Literature Instructions English (United States) VIHSI102 11/05/2016 2.1 MB
TPOne-B Installation Quick Guide Literature Quick Guide English (United States) VQHSC102 22/06/2016 1.9 MB
Electronic Room Controls - End User leaflet Literature Sales Leaflet English (United States) VBBYD202 20/09/2014 155 KB
Intelligent controls made easy Literature Sales Leaflet English (United States) VBHSH102 25/08/2016 600 KB
Meet the TPOne Literature Sales Leaflet English (United Kingdom) VBHSI112 06/04/2018 3.4 MB
TPOne Flyer Literature Sales Leaflet English (United States) VBHSJ102 26/04/2016 328 KB

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